Sphere 315

In his work Sphäre 315, one four-millionth of the Earth’s diameter, Hartmut Skerbisch bolts together six circles, each scaled to the next by the golden ratio and thereby appealing to beholders’ sense of harmonious balance.

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3D Fraktal 03/H/dd

Hartmut Skerbisch once said that “sculpture is not a discipline of the fine arts.” So what is it?

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Catalogue: Hartmut Skerbisch. Life and Work

Editor? Verein der Freunde von Hartmut Skerbisch

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Exhibition: The Paradise the Downfall

Hartmut Skerbisch – Media Works

20.11.2015-07.02.2016 10:00-17:00 

Opening: 19.11.2015, 7 pm

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Hartmut Skerbisch

Born 1945 in Ramsau am Dachstein, Hartmut lived and worked in Kalsdorf bei Ilz, East Styria, Austria.

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Zinc Shelf

for silken bags filed with rice


With the exception of basic conditions, our relation to the physical world does not seem to be determined in itself.

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Sculpture after Concept-Art

Robert Fleck


Visitors at the exhibition „About War”, a show of major importance set up by the Grazer Kunstverein in 1989 [1] were confronted with a rather uncommon situation:

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Edition K

The 4 theorems of Edition K

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The Very K

The manifestation process of the character K relates in various ways to the manifestation of sculpture, conveying a vague feeling of its origin, where it is our very own instrument of relating to concreteness.

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Bartholdi, Eiffel, Kafka

In terms of physical presence, the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbour stands as a human figure of roughly twentyfold life-size.

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Eternal Gaze

“Ineluctable modality of the visible: at least that if no more, thought through my eyes.”

James Joyce, Ulysses, l/3

The Open

Wall frieze and floor-to-roof pane. Tools of basic opening, so that the exhibition space is also placed into the open and each element is set free, expressing itself.


In an exhibition space two beamer groups beam their light at each other.

Form Sheet



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The basic definition of sculpture as an absolute Vis-á-Vis led tot he isolation of a crystal chandelier from a series of chandeliers oft he same typ by means of a steel tunnel.

About War

The relationship of a work to a theme, whenever it is part of a theme exhibition, can only consist in the work being viewed with an attitude

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The Tetrahedron

The atmosphere where wasp nests are built, pidgeon droppings accumulate and

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Substance Bursting In

Manifestation like a higher play. „In its enactment, this scene should be as much imagination as reality”,

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Spot X

„His shackles were undone, he paid, and everything was settled.“

Marquis de Sade,

The 120 Day of Sodom,

Day 19, no. 91 end.

Draft Through the Hall

Draft Through the Hall, appearance of golden yellow flags on iron poles, leaden tables stuck in heaps of coal. Process of materials for Myths of the Future.


„To take the spirit as it is: as something welling up, blossoming, coming ton o results. In the end, this leads tot he utopia oft he other life.“

Robert Musil

M o E, Moral und Krieg, sketch sheet

Zion A-Z

The play starts with the stage set: It turns out that the reserve sides are also front sides

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The Phenomenon’s essential Substance

Christine Frisinghelli, E.P. zugeeignet


Hartmut Skerbisch’s artistic project strikes one as work in the space between conceptual and perceptual art. On the one hand,

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All have seen all

Workshop, Final Presentation


A projection stage, accessible from all sides. On it, projectors and reflecting media:

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  1. Wall-to-wall video projection (Sony VPH) of a Kodachrome slide frame.
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Scene from the Play of the Same Title

Obviously we could find out about it through a photographic image or this text. The play could be running at the local playhouse

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Working on Skulpture

Werner Fenz


„Is the world falling apart into mere images, is identity exhausted in repetition? Through images, the world seems to have closed in on man more than ever.

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Final Signature

The current product of the monitor as a production unit, from the smallest particle to its totality,

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Two Flags Piece

A One person holds before him, at chest level, two white flags,

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Now Zone

Moment after moment the qualities of the most varied points of the world are falling, as instrumentally registered data,

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To the Imaginary Space Form Shall Be Given

As the last and ultimate enhancement of a library, the two „When we” sentences appear on the wall in bold letters as a mural.

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Sceptre and Gleaming Stone

Entering exhibition rooms like one enters an enchanted castle.

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The Monitor Speaks Its Language

Referring to the diverging views of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Oswald Wiener about the relationship between image and reality

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Toward the True Vision of Reality

Upon leaving a Piet Mondrian/de Stijl restrospective, the visitors find the foyer changed.

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leafy speafing situation

A On a monitor in front of him on the floor, a person observes a section of his own breathing chest

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Spatial Arrangement


A Among the objects before us we notice precise relations of distance.

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„What truth is inwardly preparing to converge with reality?”

Dialogue at the 14th of July 1994, Heike Maier, Hartmut Skerbisch


H.M. „Spatial Arrangement”, the motif on the catalogue’s endpaper,

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In the foyer, visitors at the opening find a cube of white linen, closed on all sides, with the inscription:

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